You vs. Wild: Netflix’s New Interactive Series Puts Bear Grylls’s Fate in Your Hands

[embedded content]

Think you can handle the wild? Well, Netflix’s newest interactive series is telling you to put up or shut up! Over the course of eight episodes, You vs. Wild will have survival expert Bear Grylls take viewers along several expeditions around the world, but they’ll be able to choose the course of his adventure in each episode. Similar to Netflix’s groundbreaking special Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, viewers will make decisions that determine whether Grylls succeeds or fails. Considering the fact that he’s facing dangerous terrains, wild animals, and possible (but not really possible, right?) death, we hope viewers will be just as cautious with their choices as they were when choosing Stephan’s breakfast cereal.

“I’m so proud to deliver this first-of-its-kind live-action interactive series, really giving viewers an all access pass to explore the world and its landscapes in my boots,” Grylls said in a statement. “The stakes are high in this one!” Okay, so no pressure at all! Check out the trailer above and be prepared to answer the call of the wild on April 10.

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