Why Avoiding Those Root Touch-Ups Is Actually Costing You Way More Money

There are some things people tell you in life that you probably don’t listen to and others you, well, should.

“Put on a coat,” says your mom. “Never sleep in your makeup,” demands your dermatologist (who is absolutely right, of course!). “If you dye your hair, make sure to get your roots touched up every four to six weeks,” pleads your colorist. It’s likely you rarely play by the book with all of them, particularly the latter. I’m here to tell you exactly why you should listen to your colorist and get your roots touched up consistently, without fail, if you want to save money, time, and hassle.

To give you a little context, I joined the root touch-up club after going copper five weeks ago and Jack Howard from Paul Edmonds Salon in London schooled me on why it’s so important to play by the rules when it comes to root touch-ups.

Howard encourages clients to book a follow-up appointment every four to six weeks. He explained it’s very important to stick to this timeline, as the keratin in the hair is softer during this period, and when the regrowth application is applied, the color takes evenly with the rest of the hair. If you wait any longer than six weeks (for example, eight to 12 weeks), the keratin won’t be as soft, and a colorist has to commit to a “long regrowth application plus adding the color development.” He said, “This is an unnecessary, lengthy application and will cost a lot more money in the long run. If left longer than six weeks, the client will be left with ‘hot roots,’ which is when the root color is brighter than the rest of the hair.”

Sounds like a waste of time and money, right? That’s because it is. So consider this a warning to your wallet and your hair. Why spend money and effort on new color if you aren’t going to look after it? Keep reading if you want to see exactly how Howard touches up my copper hair.

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