Sean Waltman comments on Liv Morgan suffering a concussion on WWE Raw

During Monday Night Raw this week, Brie Bella accidentally concussed Liv Morgan while hitting her with a YES! Kick square in the face. The kick appeared to knock Morgan out cold. Morgan was dragged to the corner and tagged out of the match before being taken to the back for medical attention. Former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman offered his thoughts on the matter in the latest episode of his podcast, X-Pac 12360:

“The natural instinct when you get concussed, when you get knocked out, as soon as you come up is to get up and fight and keep going,” said Waltman. “It’s a really weird experience because you all of a sudden are laying on the ground and there’s this déjà vu thing. Happens every time I have a concussion. Even last year in the U.K, I got knocked out and it was the same thing all of a sudden I am on the ground on the mat having déjà vu going through my head.

“It’s a tough call in a situation like that on live TV and everyone is in the moment. I saw a clip of that and to me it just looks like the last one caught her because she was registering the kicks when she would get kicked. It was just their timing, it got messed up, it looked like to me. And as she was coming back down from registering the kick she got kicked with the last one. It looked like just the last one is what knocked her out to me.

“Sh-t happens, and no one means to do that… I am not gonna fault anyone for not doing anything if wasn’t part of protocol. However, this might be a good learning experience to start training the referees on what to do… That would be something I am pretty sure they’re already talking about.”


H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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