I Tried the WW x Blue Apron Meals, and Here’s Why I’m Not Quitting Anytime Soon

I finally found the key to making WW even easier: WW x Blue Apron. The two brands teamed up to create a meal-kit delivery service that will sit neatly in your WW plan. When you subscribe, you get two or three recipes each week (that each serve two), and if you’re a party of one, like me, this is great to also double as a work lunch. WW gave me a three-recipe box to try, and it spanned a whopping six meals, which is incredible for the price ($60 at full price).

For someone who sometimes struggles to stick to a healthy-eating plan, something like this is unbelievably helpful because it takes so much of the work out of the equation. I’m extremely busy, and lazy during all the times I’m not busy, which makes eating healthy tricky. But WW x Blue Apron saves the day!

Keep reading to see exactly what I like about the subscription service (and why I’ll be happy to keep using it) and see the delicious meals I ate for the week.

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