Hailey Baldwin Just Said “Bye-Bye, Blond!” and Debuted a Cotton-Candy Pink Hair Color

When people think of Hailey Baldwin, a few things come to mind: her wildfire supermodel career, her chic fashion sense, her marriage to the one and only Justin Bieber, and her trendsetting hairstyles. Just a month after debuting a chin-length bob, the 22-year-old model is shaking things up once again by dyeing her signature blond hair a cotton-candy pink shade.

This is far from the first time Baldwin has decided to “think pink.” She embraced a rosy hue for the Met Gala last May, and while her choice in plus-one may have changed, her love of this shade certainly hasn’t. Ahead, get more glimpses of her sugary-sweet look, and then check out what other cool hair colors you can expect in 2019.

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