Fenty Beauty’s New Setting Powder Will Give You Instagram-Filtered Skin

Once upon a time, setting powder was on my list of beauty products that I’d dubbed “unnecessary” for my complexion. Though it’s important to note that, back then, I didn’t have the under eye circles and broken capillaries that I have today, which necessitate liquid foundation, three shades of cream concealers, and a powder to buff them all together.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder‘s ($32) finely milled formula comes in eight shades and sets makeup beautifully, but we had a feeling that would be the case. Rihanna‘s careful development of her products was bound to create something that does exactly what her brand promises: to extend makeup wear and create a “filtered” finish. What I hadn’t expected was that this setting powder cut out the work of the liquid foundations I’d mentioned. I can get away with just a few dabs of concealer (my favorite right now is Fenty Beauty’s) and a dusting of this setting powder to make my skin look uniform in tone and smoothed out as if it had gone through a wave of Photoshop edits.

The crystal-like pot holds a generous amount of powder (28 grams of product, whereas some of my go-to powders only hold about 10 grams), but I’m confident I’ll go through it — and quick.

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