Becky Lynch talks possible program with Ronda Rousey, desired WWE intergender match

Earlier today, SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch joined an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit and answered several questions from fans. Lynch will face Charlotte Flair this weekend at WWE Evolution in a Last Woman Standing match for the SmackDown Live Women’s Title.

While she’s currently locked in a feud with Flair, Lynch still has eyes on a potential program with current Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey:

“Ronda’s jaw is always running but my fist is itching to catch up with her. Charlotte first, and then I’ll plan my next move. But I’ve said it before: Ronda reminds me of a slot machine — the harder you kick her, the more money falls out.”

Also, in recent months there have been a lot of conversations regarding intergender matches in professional wrestling. The match type is very famous amongst the indy professional wrestling world. It’s highly unlikely WWE ever picks up on the trend, but if they did, Lynch knows exactly who she’d want to share the ring with:

“Seth Rollins.”

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