AEW’s TV talks are for a weekly two-hour live prime time show on a major network

There have been many rumors going around about the potential television deal for All Elite Wrestling. Many of the rumors making the rounds are false, with one claiming that the plan is for the show to air on tape delay. That is not the case.

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and as said by Chris Jericho on Busted Open Radio, there are two TV deals on the table.

Dave Meltzer reported that the television negotiations are very serious with two major cable stations and the talks are for a weekly two-hour live prime time show.

The doors for these television talks were opened by Shahid and Tony Khan’s family business and personal connections, the value of WWE and other live sports programming, and the success of the 9/1 All In show.

Just to illustrate how serious these TV talks are, Jericho was signed to the best contract of his career. The same would apply to a number of wrestlers in the company.

During Jericho’s interview on Busted Open, he indicated that the deals are on major networks. There’s a short list of major cable networks that could be in the running. ESPN, TNT/TBS, and Paramount (formerly Spike) would have to be in the running with ESPN being the least likely because they would have to worry about pre-emptions from other sports.

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