4 Strong by Zumba Workouts You Can Do at Home – and They’re Only 7 Minutes!

I have been in the fitness game long enough to know that if I am feeling really resistant to working out I just need to start moving, and keep it up for five to 10 minutes. Often these mini workouts evolve into something longer and more vigorous than my original intention. That is where these four new seven-minute workouts from Strong by Zumba come to rescue — they fit perfectly into my motivation technique: I can do them at home, they require no equipment, and they get the job done in little time. And that job, if you were wondering, is making your muscles burn.

Strong by Zumba isn’t a dance workout, but bodyweight exercises synced to the beat of the music, which makes the already short workouts fly by. I would do a few minute of light cardio before diving into the leg or glute workout to make sure the big muscles in your lower body are ready to squat and lunge.

If you want a longer workout, here’s a 20-minute Strong by Zumba workout that you can do at home, too.

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